Changelog History

Esmlab v2019.4.27 (2019-04-27)


  • Enable computing significance metrics (p-value) for weighted_corr. (GH#90) Riley Brady

  • Drop support for Python 2. (GH#109) Anderson Banihirwe

  • Nomenclature change: compute_mon_climatology, compute_mon_anomaly, compute_ann_mean functions are now renamed to climatology, anomaly, and resample. (GH#109) Anderson Banihirwe

  • Add .esmlab accessor allowing users to access functions such as climatology with dset.esmlab.set_time().climatology() syntax. (GH#109) Anderson Banihirwe

  • Add compute_mon_mean function to compute monthly averages. (GH#110) Alper Altuntas

Bug Fixes

Trivial/Internal Changes

Esmlab v2019.3.16 (2019-03-16)


Functions added:
  • weighted_mean

  • weighted_sum

  • weighted_std

  • weighted_covariance

  • weighted_correlation

Bug Fixes

  • Increase rtol for float32 weights in module (GH#81) Michael Levy

  • Remove duplicate call to statistics._get_weights_and_dims (GH#88) Sudharsana K J L

  • Fix bugs in utils.time.time_manager add tests for climatology corner cases (GH#100) Matthew Long

    • Allow climatology.compute_ann_mean to work if time is encoded

    • Make sure time:calendar is preserved in climatolog.compute_ann_mean

Esmlab v2019.2.28 (2019-02-28)


  • Add function to flexibily compute weights and dimensions to use in statistical operations (GH#74) Anderson Banihirwe

  • Add time_manager class to support managing the time coordinate of datasets (GH#75) and (GH#76) Matthew Long

Bug Fixes


Trivial/Internal Changes

Esmlab v2019.2.1 (2019-02-12)

Esmlab v2019.2.0 (2019-02-02)